Content Writing is the next best career option

Every Company in the world survives on the online Marketing; this online Marketing is glorified by none other than the “Content Writers”. It is precisely for this reason that, Content writers demand has sky rocketed over night. Since Companies usually cannot afford the resources or the time of their employees in writing the content for their websites and resort to ‘Content Writers’ to take of this job. Today, Content Writing has topped the charts of Out Sourcing jobs to Indian Companies list. Writing high – quality content being the basic necessity, this job profile has prospects of only increasing in demand as they are directly linked to the number of companies establishing worldwide.

How did this job gain its popularity?

As a content Wrier, an individual is given the liberty and freedom to develop content with just a few keywords to work around with. If you posses the zeal to write and are proficient in the language then you can obtain instant success in this field. To top it all, this job is primarily a work from home which gives the levy to many people to even consider it as a second career. The fact that writing style and content can be the writer’s decision, many youngsters are attracted towards this profession. The articles expected are usually about social topics, day to day events or aspects Content writing could also be a hobby that helps you earn money as there is good remuneration as well.

What makes you a good writer?

You could a graduated from any field. Proficiency in English is mandatory and if done a course Content Writing would be an added advantage. Bursting with creativity and appreciate Time Management. Expected to be a team player as the work demands a personality that is comfortable to work in teams.

The different Genres of Content Writing:

Web Content Writer : Writing content for websites or rewriting/editing content on official websites. Usually this content would be informative, educational and even sometimes factual

Website Copy writer: Writing credible copy to suffice advertising or marketing needs.

Technical writer: User manuals, product guides etc are the common jobs for Technical writers. Technical writers are highly in demand mainly for the Pharmaceutical or engineering companies as they need the help of these writers to reach out to the common man.

Ghost Writer: Doing full justice to the name, a ghost writer would write in the name of someone who does not know how to write. They are provided with all the necessary information to get the writing done.

Like the above mentioned, there are many more kinds that are given birth to depending on the need of the hour.


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