How to select a perfect content writer for your website?

Now that you have decided upon the niche for your content writer, be it trekking or music, acting or photography, concerning products or services, you are ready to begin the content writer search of a lifetime. If you do succeed on a victorious catch, the person may remain with you for long if several writing jobs are available in a fruitful mutual partnership.

Search via Google, scan social networks, knock on writing sites, advertise online and in print, speak to friends and colleagues, chat in online forums, shout from rooftops- chances are that you would soon succeed since  writers swarm around social spaces and publishing houses.

You would have to make sound decisions regarding the manner of selection and be familiar with the dos and don’ts of content writing to be the best judge. Exceptional Content writing company goes down well like a drink of wine. Easy to consume, the writing floats across the web page coalescing words and meanings in a tight embrace. The tension sometimes loosens up to include a dash of humor or maybe to accommodate an illustration, image, podcast or video.

Headings and sub-headings communicate in gently provocative ways, never hitting below the belt like some newspaper titles do. News can be terrible but web writing never is. Even the nasty aspects are made palatable through ingenious means. The ability to convince, attract and impress is visible at first glance; whether well researched, controversial or fragmentary would be known in an instant. Good writing is easy to distinguish from the mediocre.

Once contact is established with a few writers, intensively study their resumes. A glimpse would reveal levels of language skills and samples of writing would reinforce initial impressions. Gradually eliminate the numbers; you may finally have to choose between a couple in consultations with partners perhaps.

The sensitive point would be the payment aspect and no fixed rates exist. We sometimes hear of 750 word articles that get paid $100 but that is rare like platinum. The usual rate may be $2 for 500 words or even far less.  Negotiations may reach reasonable limits. Writers always complain about being underpaid.  Did you know that?


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