Communicating Message to Your Audience

We all know the bookish definition of the word ‘Content Management Strategy’, but have we ever thought of giving a closer look to this word and tried to understand its actual meaning? How can it be of more value?

Communicating a message to your audience is now considered as a job of marketers and content management is rather taken up as a marketing activity. In today’s dynamic and highly competitive industry of e-commerce, the two definitions vary drastically. The owner of the website wants to deliver all his services in just a message, every website needs more and more viewers, we are using hundreds of ways to generate traffic to create a larger audience base, but all at an unsaid cost.


The most neglected part of a website is its Content Management Strategy. Nobody wants to get their hands dirty and provide all the information; rather they choose to give limited information.  Content Management Strategy provides its users what they desire and need to know which is definitely trustworthy, credible and transparent. This is related to Content Marketing but there is a clear difference between the two. Content Marketing is especially designed to grab the attention of the targeted audience which would convert into a profitable and value driven action for the provider.

On the other hand, Content Management Strategy is crafted or designed to provide the information to the targeted audience. If we scale Content Management Strategy between journalism and marketing then it would be a mixture of both with 70 percent journalism and 30 percent marketing.

Many global conglomerates are realizing these facts and are conveying their facts and stories taking content management strategies into account. Many companies are making more efforts in utilizing Content Management Strategies in relation to larger issues that hold great importance for its targeted audience and simultaneously taking a stand on those issues. They are becoming more informative, giving their audience a different brand image. A very recent example of the same would be “TATA TEA Jago re Campaign”. The messages they provide with their advertisements are about social issues like right to vote and un-safe environment for women. In contrast, if we talk about the tea, it is a daily consumable product which has no relation with the social-economic scenarios of any country, yet they have managed to deliver an image that Tata is a company that motivates a responsible society and that they are concerned about voting awareness and safety of women. They are providing a bigger picture to the audience towards development and helping them realize it through their products. On a similar note Phillips ASIA Project uses Content Management Strategy to provide a bigger picture of the company, spreading awareness to the targeted audience.

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