How to select a perfect content writer for your website?

Now that you have decided upon the niche for your content writer, be it trekking or music, acting or photography, concerning products or services, you are ready to begin the content writer search of a lifetime. If you do succeed on a victorious catch, the person may remain with you for long if several writing jobs are available in a fruitful mutual partnership.

Search via Google, scan social networks, knock on writing sites, advertise online and in print, speak to friends and colleagues, chat in online forums, shout from rooftops- chances are that you would soon succeed since  writers swarm around social spaces and publishing houses.

You would have to make sound decisions regarding the manner of selection and be familiar with the dos and don’ts of content writing to be the best judge. Exceptional Content writing company goes down well like a drink of wine. Easy to consume, the writing floats across the web page coalescing words and meanings in a tight embrace. The tension sometimes loosens up to include a dash of humor or maybe to accommodate an illustration, image, podcast or video.

Headings and sub-headings communicate in gently provocative ways, never hitting below the belt like some newspaper titles do. News can be terrible but web writing never is. Even the nasty aspects are made palatable through ingenious means. The ability to convince, attract and impress is visible at first glance; whether well researched, controversial or fragmentary would be known in an instant. Good writing is easy to distinguish from the mediocre.

Once contact is established with a few writers, intensively study their resumes. A glimpse would reveal levels of language skills and samples of writing would reinforce initial impressions. Gradually eliminate the numbers; you may finally have to choose between a couple in consultations with partners perhaps.

The sensitive point would be the payment aspect and no fixed rates exist. We sometimes hear of 750 word articles that get paid $100 but that is rare like platinum. The usual rate may be $2 for 500 words or even far less.  Negotiations may reach reasonable limits. Writers always complain about being underpaid.  Did you know that?

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Where can I find good content writers?

Besides doctors and engineers, writers seem to be the most common species on the planet. Look at the abundant written word that garnishes the film, television and computer windows besides the print media. Never does a mall exist without a few pleasing words. Each speech or acting bit is based on writing besides the book world that crowds around educational and training institutions.

Among the many methods, advertising for writers makes a lot of business sense but in what form. Print and television advertising have a new all encompassing incarnation; the internet would reach where traditional media cannot. The nooks and crevices of online advertising would swiftly reach far and wide like the SMSs on the mobile!

Social networks are the most dazzling media. A business can hardly exist without social media presence and thousands maintain Facebook pages. Searching Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter would expose you to Content writers in India to suit your needs.
The important question is the specialization. Do you need content writer for a particular field like finance, parenting or automobiles? Now that we have narrowed down the search, better chances of success seem certain by looking in appropriate professional locations.

In house writers would always be better bets compared to freelancers or virtual assistants that are hired across the internet who partner you for the duration of the project alone. Would you experiment with oDesk or Freelancer and hire writers through the bidding process online?

Would you investigate Indian Freelance Writers and advertize your requirements, asking for sample writings from the interested? You would have to put up your requirements in a terse little advertisement with contact information. Sample articles would help in selecting a few who could then attempt a paid article before making the final choice.

You could of course submit to professional writing groups and many such organizations crowd around the web space like ants around the nest. WriteThings is one such company with a Facebook page that would get the work sumptuously done through a panel of writers.

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Various ways to check quality content of your website?

So you have the website set up at last after all that fuss? Would you ever forget the sleepless nights, designing, the images, podcasts and the videos, the domain name registration and advertisements on social networks? That website becomes ally number one in marketing strategy and the ultimate game changer.

The greatest component is the writing like in the newspaper articles! The web took off as recently as the 1990s. Something two decades old could not have developed too much. Does the website content measure up? Would it attract lucrative readership? website content writing
Website content creation is tricky business, starting with the headings. Will it be enough to say ‘The World of Photography?’   ‘The World of Photography Beckons’ would be better. Since busy readers skim through rather than read, the content should use simple, easy to read words and concentrate on short, quick sentences that race through the consciousness like Formula 1 cars.

Besides spelling, grammar and style, is the content substantial enough? If it were medical information, can the content be trusted enough for readers to experiment with indigenous treatments?  Depth of knowledge can be expressed in little nuggets of information too. Get reviews done by colleagues and friends.

The Oatmeal and BuzzFeed websites help us realize the ingredients for good content writing; never an extra word but pithy, succinct verbiage that is delivered off the cuff, hard hitting but always lovable and sometimes hilariously funny.

The Home Page should be superb with attention grabbing headings, scintillating images and sparkling write ups. Let the content have fulfilling humor even if the page concerns traffic accidents or substance abuse! Regular updates diversify content. Provide space for reader comments and build links to social media networks. Avoid excessive advertising within the writing and elsewhere.

Original well researched content compels and carries the ring of truth. Is the content edited well without typographic errors? Finally, is the content aimed at the audience or at SEOs?
Lively web content combines graphics, videos and podcasts for better success. News channels need to entertain or the chaotic headlines may not be digested well by a media crazy audience. Time will tell concerning success and adjustments would be made accordingly.

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Content Writing is the next best career option

Every Company in the world survives on the online Marketing; this online Marketing is glorified by none other than the “Content Writers”. It is precisely for this reason that, Content writers demand has sky rocketed over night. Since Companies usually cannot afford the resources or the time of their employees in writing the content for their websites and resort to ‘Content Writers’ to take of this job. Today, Content Writing has topped the charts of Out Sourcing jobs to Indian Companies list. Writing high – quality content being the basic necessity, this job profile has prospects of only increasing in demand as they are directly linked to the number of companies establishing worldwide.

How did this job gain its popularity?

As a content Wrier, an individual is given the liberty and freedom to develop content with just a few keywords to work around with. If you posses the zeal to write and are proficient in the language then you can obtain instant success in this field. To top it all, this job is primarily a work from home which gives the levy to many people to even consider it as a second career. The fact that writing style and content can be the writer’s decision, many youngsters are attracted towards this profession. The articles expected are usually about social topics, day to day events or aspects Content writing could also be a hobby that helps you earn money as there is good remuneration as well.

What makes you a good writer?

You could a graduated from any field. Proficiency in English is mandatory and if done a course Content Writing would be an added advantage. Bursting with creativity and appreciate Time Management. Expected to be a team player as the work demands a personality that is comfortable to work in teams.

The different Genres of Content Writing:

Web Content Writer : Writing content for websites or rewriting/editing content on official websites. Usually this content would be informative, educational and even sometimes factual

Website Copy writer: Writing credible copy to suffice advertising or marketing needs.

Technical writer: User manuals, product guides etc are the common jobs for Technical writers. Technical writers are highly in demand mainly for the Pharmaceutical or engineering companies as they need the help of these writers to reach out to the common man.

Ghost Writer: Doing full justice to the name, a ghost writer would write in the name of someone who does not know how to write. They are provided with all the necessary information to get the writing done.

Like the above mentioned, there are many more kinds that are given birth to depending on the need of the hour.

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Vibaantta Directs Social Networks


An amazing colossus, Team Vibaantta expertise spearheaded the social media drive for The website has made an amazing beginning with thousands of visitors already. Team’s versatility establishes organizations through planning and strategy expertise, designing websites and their development. Marketing and brand building is his forte with astonishing company promotions in various media shapes to raise fortunes to the skies.

The digital marketing agency Vibaantta Group delivers rich content writing services through They render editing services, SEO writing and content strategies through an outstanding set of dedicated young writers.  Vibaantta delivers Online Asset Management and Creation services besides Social Media Marketing to global clients.

Dreams often come true in fulfilling, unheard of ways! Have you wanted to wander the Indian sub-continent but lacked the means with hotel prices and airfares escalating all the time? Did you not wish to participate in that fun filled glamorous world in hotels with twinkling stars?

Never give up hoping. The play to bid travel auction site, Kunal Mittal’s dream child, may turn out to be your lucky star. The organizers are great travelers too, bitten by wanderlust just like you. Would you not wish to fly high and find lavish accommodation at the most affordable rates?

 “It was not only about making them visible on social media platform, but helping them grow with their amazing idea”, says Vibaantta Group’s co-founder Paras Sachdev.

The flight recently took off on an amazing journey that spans the length and breadth of India. Luxury hotels and airline companies constitute the gentle stuff of dreams for those desiring such an opportunity but were constrained due to lack of funds.

Daring travelers are flying high and living lavishly through their blessings, guys who would otherwise have been denied the opportunity for adventure. The process is simple enough. All you do is invest in tokens that cost Rs.10. The bidding for flights or hotel stays increases at that rate until there are no more bidders. If you are the lucky winner, you pay within 30 days to avail the golden opportunity. What could be simpler?



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What is Vibaantta Group?

Creativity is letting you loose to make mistakes; Art is knowing which one to keep!

With this beautiful note, we started Vibaantta with a simple thought of making life worth living for everyone. You not only associate with us as a business partner but become a part of the hub.

We don’t believe in building clientele, we rather work for creating relationships. There is no B2B or B2C for us. It’s human to human philosophy that we practice. We know your business is unique, that is why our services to you are scalable up to the extent of infinity. Our customizations would respond to how you want them and our innovations would be the reasons you want us.

We are in the middle of a revolution of work culture modernization. Those were the days when resources were used to just get the work done. At Vibaantta you don’t work but you innovate! At our hub you are not an employee, you are a nuclear idea-reactor ready to bring out change. We cultivate entrepreneurs within our organisation. Grow them up and then sell them. Just kidding! We help them sell what they do the best.

Under the vision of two crazy heads Paras Sachdev and Seema Bhoi (Call them by their first name), the huge network of Vibaantta includes professionals from spheres of Content Management and Strategising, Online Asset Building, Digital & Social Media Marketing and Photography. Serving successfully PAN India and Overseas with a happy bunch of clients from Technical support, Travel, Online retail, Service portals,  IT solutions, Manpower Recruitment etc, we are at our constant endeavour to grow higher and wider.


Drop by: 79 B Pocket-A, Vikas Puri Extension, New Delhi – 110018, India

Hello @ +91 9910044190 | +91 9899446297 | +91 9711900657

Compose to:

Browse on: | |


Flaunting on:

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Content writing from the best network

Crazy heads at Writers Hub are not only dynamic and highly motivated but have a touch of madness that gives an edge over all the rest. What had begun as a small group offering content writing services in 2005, has now metamorphosed into a world class writing network, leading in the fields of Content Strategizing and Management.

With a strong and well-versed team of writers for each service, we make it a point to keep ourselves abreast with the latest changes and developments in technology, that in turn, helps us produce quality content year after year, irrespective of how fast time and needs change. At our hub, you will never go back empty-handed.


Boost your resume and increase your chances of securing an interview. Or take the help of our SEO writers and enhance your business’s online presence, attracting more eyeballs and customers. Whatever it is that you are looking for; our hub will provide you with a lot more.

Under the leadership and vision of Paras Sachdev and Seema Bhoi, Writers hub is a network of approx. 30 writers and editors and is constantly growing, learning, getting better. Client satisfaction contributes to not only a healthy turnover but also in making our team a recognised name all over the country. The mutual symbiosis of client and writer has brought us here today and continually motivates us to excel. At the end of the day, our passion for writing and the accolades we receive inspire us to keep delivering quality content across the world.

Know more about us at

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